Job details to apply in Holland (Netherlands, Europe)

We are looking for some skilled candidates for Holland – Netherlands, Europe. The candidates from Any Asian countries can apply for the Netherlands if you have the required skills. Normal English and general work experiences will be enough for Holland. Grab this opportunity to work in Europe Schengen country. I hope it’ll be a good chance for you to move to Europe with employments purposes. 

Required Work Categories in Holland

Required staffs; Construction workers, Driver, Teacher, Plumbers, Cleaners, Helpers, Housekeeping, Factory workers, Painters, Carpenters, Office boy, Supervisor packing, Production/Constructions, Storekeeper, Coffee makers, Juice Makers, Burger Maker, Salesman, Admin Office manager, Finance/Administration department. 

Weekly working hour:-                                                                  40 hr

Minimum Basic Salary:-                                                                800 Euro to 1000 Euro per month

Over-time Job:-                                                                                 OT Available if you want it

Food:-                                                                                                      provided one time during duty hour

Processing time:-                                                                            Mini. 4 month

Documentation charge:-                                                             Rs. 15000 – Non-refundable

Government process documentation charge:-             50,000 – Refundable

The remaining cost is after visa received:-                   

We have been working for a decade in recruiting fields with international clients. Also, our office is located in Malta – if you’re interested, read here to work in Malta.  So,  to work in Malta and Netherlands, send us your all required documents, we’ll submit for you. still, if you are confused where to apply, give a call directly, we’ll give guidance. 

Our official mail: – whatever you want to ask, please follow this mail id. Thanks.