IT manager does a lot of stuff and their role is very very depending on the size and the industry of the company that they are working in.  The IT manager can go by many different titles as well, manager perhaps with a focus on technology so there are various different roles and in some cases, the IT manager could be all of that and then you sort of figured out IT directors.

IT manager is the person who is responsible for everything, IT so in a smaller business they’re going to do exactly that they’re going to be responsible for everything technology-related for the most part making sure that the servers are healthy that the network is healthy. IT managers role and responsibilities to make sure that everything is running operationally that things are running smoothly that things are running healthy so that there’s no outages so that the business can still be profitable making money and that you know recommending and strategizing to senior management of.

the IT manager requires and ultimately what the business requires as well they could be responsible for recruiting if they don’t have an HR department within the organization.


  • Manage information technology and computer systems
  • Plan, organize, control and evaluate IT and electronic data operations
  • Manage IT staff by recruiting, training and coaching employees, communicating job expectations and appraising their performance
  • Design, develop, implement and coordinate systems, policies and procedures
  • Ensure security of data, network access and backup systems
  • Act in alignment with user needs and system functionality to contribute to organizational policy
  • Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions in time
  • Audit systems and assess their outcomes
  • Preserve assets, information security and control structures
  • Handle annual budget and ensure cost-effectiveness

Minimum qualifications

  • Proven working experience as an IT Manager or relevant experience
  • Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and computer hardware/software systems
  • Expertise in data centre management and data governance
  • Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration and network installation
  • Ability to manage personnel
  • BS in Computer Science, MIS or similar field

How To Apply

Drop your resume here:


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