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Perfect Your Interview Skills

Perfect Your Interview Skills

Feeling well-prepared and confident about your interview skills will have a tremendous impact on your success. Enlisting a friend or trusted colleague to help you practice answering some of the more commonly asked interview questions is a great start, but you’ll want to be sure you check each of the following items off your list before every interview:

  1. Thoroughly review the job description
  2. Develop a solid understanding of what the company does
  3. Research relevant industry and company news
  4. Practice explaining your experience in a nutshell
  5. Practice explaining how your experience will compliment this role
  6. Pick relevant, engaging questions to ask
  7. Research your interviewers: Check out their company bios or LinkedIn profiles
  8. Research the organization’s dress code and select an outfit that’ll reflect the company culture (don’t wear a full business suit to a startup or jeans to a law firm!)
  9. For phone interviews, secure a quiet place to talk (with great reception or—even better—a landline!)
    For video interviews, stage the background of the room you’ll be in
  10. For in-person interviews, take steps to ensure that you’ll arrive early (five to 10 minutes is good), but not too early
  11. Be ready to answer questions about your availability to start a new job and we’ll be kept new updating every day.

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